U-Space was established in 2008 by a group of professionals and researchers who have been working together since 2002 in different fields. In 2009, the same partners have established SC Urban Space in Romania and, in 2010, U-Space SL in Spain.
U-Space provides services related to spatial planning, Strategic Environmental Assessment and landscape studies; urban policies and integrated urban strategies; architectural and urban design, feasibility studies, supervision of construction works and safety of construction sites; improvement of energy efficiency in buildings and design of renewable energy systems; geographic information systems supporting spatial planning, environmental assessment and information to citizens; communication, public participation and awareness raising, especially on environmental issues.
U-Space also provides advice to public authorities for the elaboration and management of European Territorial Cooperation projects (such as the Interreg projects) and other projects funded by different European programmes (such as the LIFE Programme).

We have worked with:

Other collaborations:

  • Comune di Velletri
  • Comune di Montefiascone
  • Comune di Posta Fibreno
  • Comunità Montana Marca di Camerino
  • Consorzio Agrario Interprovinciale di Roma e Frosinone
  • Bicincittà
  • Bluesa
  • Comunità Missionaria di Villaregia
  • Cras srl
  • Esa - Energia Solar Aplicada
  • Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit
  • Gama 90 srl
  • Gelit srl
  • Icv srl
  • Isbem- istituto scientifico biomedico euro mediterraneo
  • Marziali Costruzioni Spa
  • Solco srl
  • Stemaric srl
  • Studio Latini srl
  • Telpa srl
  • Terrasystem srl
  • Valsalaria a.11 srl
  • Iris 88 srl