Spatial planning and related sevices

pianificazione territoriale e urbanistica, valutazioni ambientali strategiche, relazioni paesaggistiche

U-Space provides services and advice related to spatial planning: elaboration of spatial programmes and plans; drafting of urban plans; strategic environmental assessment; landscape studies and landscape simulations.
Moreover, U-Space provides advice to public authorities for the definition of urban polices and integrated urban strategies, also in the framework of initiatives financed by Structural Funds and specifically dedicated to urban areas.

Sustainable mobility

U-Space provides support to sustainable and alternative mobility projects: design of bicycle lanes, planning and testing of alternative mobility projects such as bike sharing, “walking bus” and “bike train” services for children, development and testing of related IT tools.

Architectural and urban design

progetti di architettura, progetti urbani

U-Space provides services of architectural and urban design, building restoration, feasibility studies, technical and financial assessment, supervision of construction works, safety of construction sites.

Renewable energies

sistemi informativi territoriali

U-Space elaborates feasibility studies, landscape simulations and technical design for the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, and the construction of renewable energy systems; it also elaborates technical and administrative “due diligence” reports regarding the related authorisation procedures.

European projects and national funding

progetti europei

U-Space provides advice to public authorities in the preparation and management of projects financed by the Structural Funds of the European Union, or other national or local funds, in particular those concerning spatial policies and planning, environmental sustainability, environmental and landscape restoration, renewable energies and energy efficiency, sustainable mobility. U-Space is sometimes also promoter and co-financing partner of such projects.
Thanks to its wide network of contacts in Italy and Europe, U-Space is also capable of supporting public authorities in building the most suitable partnerships according to the specificities of each single project.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems allow to create, manage and view geographic databases and to share them with other users in order to make territorial government, citizens’ involvement and monitoring of policies, programmes and plans more efficient.
U-Space has specialised in the development and management of Geographic Information Systems supporting the activities of public authorities.

Communication and public participation

comunicazione e partecipazione pubblica

Communication, participation, dissemination and awareness-raising activities are often essential within projects promoted and managed by public authorities.
Within projects related to spatial and environmental issues, U-Space develops not only the methods and contents of such activities, but also the graphical and IT tools that are needed for their effective implementation.