Erasmus+ PECUS project

Project coordinator


Erasmus+ PECUS

U-Space is partner of the project “PECUS – European Landscapes of Transhumance“, financed by the Erasmus+ Programme under the “Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education” strand.

The project intends to test approaches and tools for interdisciplinary learning applied to the topic of conservation of transhumance landscapes. The project entails the organisation of international. interdisciplinary workshops for higher education teachers and students on the topic of restoration and protection of transhumance landscapes, supported by a “fuzzy cognitive mapping” approach as a tool for integrating knowledge and assessing scenarios.

The project is coordinated by the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville, and will benefit from competences and experiences from disciplines as diverse as conservation of cultural heritage, landscape archaeology, history of agriculture, cultural anthropology, spatial planning, and environmental assessment.