U-Space is a lab of ideas and projects for architecture and design, urban and spatial planning, sustainable development, and European-funded initiatives.

    U-Space was born in 2008 out of a group of architects, engineers, planners, of different ages and origins. The members of U-Space have been working together since 2002 on projects in Italy and Europe.


    U-Space, as an engineering company, offers an integrated service that goes beyond mere design activities and takes the form of multidisciplinary analytical, educational and technical services, which start from the design and go all the way to the implementation of the intervention itself. And it places this path choice as a guarantee of its work.

    It also combines the engineering approach with the interdisciplinary approach of the arts and spatial sciences, to address in a relational and integrated way the knowledge and transformation of the natural and man-made environment. And this is what characterizes U-Space as a laboratory of ideas and projects, in constant dialogue between policies and practices.

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